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Press Releases

"Micro Magic Contributes To Education of Future IC Designers by Supporting Workshop for VLSI Design Educators at 37th Design Automation Conference"

"New MAX-LS from Micro Magic, Inc. Dramatically Accelerates SoC Design"

"CAD Veteran Richard Smith Joins Micro Magic, Inc. as Senior Technical Advisor" 

"Micro Magic, Inc. Announces Major Sale of EDA Software to SiByte, Inc." 

Articles & Papers
Micro Magic Shipping Chip Layout Software
Electronic News

Fast Iteration: A Performance Design Requirement
Richard Smith, Ph.D. 
Micro Magic, Inc.

Design Methodology for Quickly and Accurately Generating SRAMs
Lee Tavrow, John Johnson, and Mark Santoro 
DesignCon 98

Editorial about Micro Magic, Inc.
Jonah McLeod 
ISD Magazine

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