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Micro Magic, Inc.'s mission is to dramatically reduce the time and cost required to produce high-performance SoC designs.
About Micro Magic, Inc.
We at Micro Magic believe that EDA is at least as much about Design as it is about Automation.
Emphasizing creative thinking and design methods is as important as the tools and technologies used to implement them. At MMI we redefine problems, rather than simply improving solutions to old ones.
Micro Magic's tools and methodologies are for design teams who need full-custom performance within ASIC time frames.
Micro Magic's products have been used to design the datapaths and memory subsystems associated with all types of processors, including DSPs, embedded controllers, multi-media, and network, graphics, and micro processors.
Micro Magic's integrated logical and physical design sytem is for designers who must quickly achieve timing convergence for designs with high computational complexity at high clock frequencies within minimal area using the smallest process geometries.
  Core Team   

Santoro, PhD.
Co-Founder and President.

Micro Magic was founded in January of 1995. The founders worked together at SUN Microsystems. While at SUN they worked on several projects including a 900ps 16Kbyte cache SRAM, the SPARC V9 architecture definition, and led a team to develop a 300MHz SPARC Microprocessor. The rest of the core design team consists of senior designers from companies like HP, SGI, and DEC. Most have Ph.D.'s from Stanford, Berkeley, and MIT and average almost 20 years of industry experience.

Tavrow , PhD.
Co-Founder and Chief Engineer.

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MMI's Main Office-
Sunnyvale, California
Micro Magic, Inc.
333 W. El Camino Real
Suite 240
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Tel: 408 / 735-9200 x210
Fax: 408 / 735-9300


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