Karen Mangum

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  These sites are intended to act as a portfolio of my work.
  I was responsible for the website layout, construction, and artwork.
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Created 1997 - Nov. 2000;
June 2004

This presents the Public Domain Release of the tools and documentation.

I created all artwork for on-line and press, and edited and managed the technical documents.

Micro Magic online information (web, documents, tutorials, etc.) was optimized for use with SUN-UNIX and Linux systems, running Netscape Navigator.

This website was originally developed without the use of javascript or anything other than very basic HTML (because of restrictions with SUN-UNIX systems).

All MicroMagic, Inc.
information is copyright and property of MicroMagic, Inc.

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You may not copy or reproduce any of the content of this portfolio,
websites, words or images, without express consent of the rightful owner or owners.


I created web artwork (except initial logo), press artwork, and program icons for Catalytic.

This is the first version of their website, used while developing their toolset.

This site was developed for general usage on IBM-PC, MAC and UNIX systems, using both Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer. It makes simple but effective use of javascript and stylesheets.

Created Nov. 2002 - March 2003
All Catalytic Compilers, Inc.
and Catalytic, Inc.
information is copyright and property of Catalytic, Inc.